This thing called life man. Who's got it figured it out? Let me know. So I go to school, do all the good boy stuff, don't get anyone knocked a job, yada yada yada..Is this it? It can't be. Nowhere near fulfilling my potential(most people aren't) hard everyday, pay my taxes...rinse, repeat.

I work out..that gives me meaning and purpose. I don't do it because I have to, I enjoy it. Something about the pain, the challenge. I admit it. I love myself(nothing wrong with that). I'm not that guy that jerks off to himself while staring in the mirror. That will be disturbing and if you do that get help.

I started because nothing exudes confidence like donning a perfect tee on a Saturday night while out and about after a workout session. Only problem I found was how to combine my physique with the perfect tee. I need people to see the tricep and bicep pecks buldged out and toned(yes for myself that's important). And while you are at it check out the designs as well. Now that's an expression of self. Enjoy!!



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