It’s hard enough to maintain a fitness routine with your regular schedule. But it’s even more difficult when you throw work travel into the mix.

Just when it seems like your exercise regimen is totally locked in, BOOM, you’re off to Toronto for a 3-day conference…or stuck in Dallas at week-long sales meeting.

Everyone can still manage to stay fit while traveling. A strong mindset can play a huge part in setting you up for success. A little planning can go a long way and you can still work out even without a gym.

There are ways to eat healthy while on the road, and to maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

  • Plan your trip around staying fit
  • Find ways to work out even if your hotel doesn’t have gym
  • Eat well on the road
  • Adopt small tricks that help encourage an immediate workout when you arrive
  • Find ways to maximize a long layover
  • Develope ways to adjust to a new time zone
  • Avoid the urge to eat unhealthy by adopting the last-bite challenge.


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